Custom made signs for Home and Business

It all started with the birth of our first child. Leslie was inspired to decorate the new nursery with an idea she had found on Pinterest. Her idea was to frame some letters that were printed out on the computer spelling out our first sons name.  This is where Matt comes in to say that he can do much better job with his CNC machine. Very soon after did we discover that these custom name signs were very popular among our friends and family that we decided to start up an Etsy shop and share our creations with the world.  We opened up shop in 2012 and have been growing the business ever since. We are a family based business based out of St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada.  We make and produce everything in our shop ourselves and take great pride in the work we produce.  We now have location where we have over 2000Sq feet of shop space to help us grow our business to the next levels.  We have invested all our profits back into the business year on year. We hope to be able to one day pass our business down to our two beautiful boys so the legacy can continue.  We would like to thank everyone who has ever supported us over the years and the future to come.

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